We want to make your “story” a reality.  As a soon-to-be bride, you have pretty little images dancing around your head of your dream wedding photography or the perfect engagement shoot that depicts your union to a tee.  You spend hours upon hours scouring the web’s endless selection of to-die-for wedding blogs and addicting virtual inspiration boards like Pinterest.  You’re full of ideas and inspiration that are bursting to make an appearance.  And the Jenny Yoo team, along with talented photographer J.J. Ignotz, want to make it happen with a photo shoot and share it with the world. 

Email us your photo shoot “story.”  Tell us using a descriptive paragraph, an image, a bunch of images…anything that fuels your inspiration and gets your idea across!  If we find it irresistible (I’m sure we will), we’ll put your words and images to life by giving you your very own photo shoot with J.J. Ignotz andJenny Yoo. 

Let us create your “happily ever after.”  

To Enter the Contest:

Submit your “description” and/or images to inspiredwithjennyyoo@gmail.com.  Please be sure to provide us with your wedding date, mailing address, and telephone number.  Tell us a little about yourself and your soon-to-be partner.  If your “story” includes others like your bridesmaids or your dog named Buddy, we want to hear about them too!   

Important Notes:

Must be living in theNew York area or willing to travel to the New York area for the photo shoot day. (This may include your spouse and part of your bridal party as well).

Must be 21 years of age or older. 

Photos of you and the photo shoot will be posted on our website, blog, and facebook.

Some of our past inspiration shoots…


Recently the Jenny Yoo team participated in an event at the Haymount House, a Southern colonial-style mansion atop 4 acres of gorgeous landscape and views of the Hudson River.  It is the kind of venue that instantly makes your heart skip a beat.  It is the kind of venue that makes you dig your heels into the grass when it’s time to leave.   It is the kind of venue that inspires you to have a wedding photo-shoot full of quirky romance and elegance.  Take a look for yourself. 

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to share a sweet pic to celebrate this very happy and very sunny Friday the 13th!  Yes, that is Jenny Yoo in her very own design!  And the bride is one of our NYC bridal consultants, Maggie, playing dress up for a recent bridal event.  She looks gushingly gorgeous in our favorite bridal dress Georgeanne. Spread the love this Friday the 13th!  Who said it has to be unlucky!



A lucky girl was pleasantly surprised when she came in to pick up her Jenny Yoo Prom Dress last week!  Jenny Yoo was in the next room and just couldn’t resist running over to personally show her how to style her Aidan Dress. 

We can not be more enthused by our new dresses, Keira and Aidan.  Why you ask?  Scroll down to see for yourself!  One dress and various ways to wear it! 

Step One:  Choose the length you want.  The Aidan is floor-length for more formal events.  Need a cocktail length dress?  Pick Keira

Step Two:  Lift the 4 discreet skirt panels and begin to create your look.  Twist, gather, knot, tie.  And voilà, you have yourself a different dress!

The best part…it’s easy.  The second best part…you can wear it as is – strapless.  The third best part…both dresses are available in array of luscious colors.  Okay, I think you get the idea.  The pictures are worth a thousand words (or dresses)!  It may be time to clean out your closet because you won’t need anything else but Keira or Aidan.  🙂   

Jenny helping one lucky girl with her prom dress.

Aidan Dress (yes, it’s one dress!)

 Keira Dress (yup – this is one dress, too)  😉

*Patent Pending

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!  It may be a big holiday for you even if you don’t have a drop of Irish blood.  Maybe you like parades.  Maybe you like to drink Guinness.  Maybe you think leprechaun’s are cute.  Maybe the color green brings out your eyes.  

Green is a lovely color and hence has been a popular color choice for weddings since…forever.  It’s appropriate since green can symbolize spring and new growth (as a couple).  There are endless shades of green that are gorgeous for weddings.  By pairing green with another color, you can drastically change a wedding theme and most importantly avoid the “St. Patrick’s Day Wedding.”  Below is some green eye candy for you.  Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Green & Blue

    Green & Coral

Green & Green

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city for one evening and join us for a bridal soiree at the Haymount House in Westchester.  See the fun-filled details below.  We hope to see your smiling faces there!

Chances are you are new to this whole “planning a wedding” thing.  You don’t need to battle it alone!  Planning your big day could actually be fun and easy…when you have the experts on your side.  Don’t miss out on The Wedding Boot Camp by The Wedding Salon!  Get tickets directly through The Wedding Salon.  We hope to see you Monday night!!!